Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Why this Blog?

Ok, first of all, I would just like to tell everyone that I absolutely adore this city. Even more so than San Diego! You must think I'm crazy for not liking the ever-oh-so-beautiful-sunny San Diego...but I am just one of those people who prefer living in San Francisco because I like cold-weather, love the diversity in this city, etc.

I got my drivers license when I was 16. I got my first car when I was 18 and, except for a few months when my vehicle was in a shop or had lent it to a relative or friend, I have had a car available to me at all times. Suffice it to say that I have also had my share of parking tickets in this fine city of ours!

Before you start hounding me with nasty comments, I intend to keep my current car.  Yes, I could easily get rid of it and not have to deal with parking tickets, but it is my personal decision nonetheless; not yours.

Let's move on...parking...ticket....those two words do not easily roll off your tongue, do they?

Seriously, have you ever met anyone who enjoys coming out of a nice lunch with friends, and finding a ticket on his windshield because his meter ran out just 5 minutes before? Think about the time you had a really good sleep the night before only to wake up the next morning and find a ticket on your windshield!

I'm telling you...IT'S NOT FUN AT ALL!

I'm a law-abiding citizen. Seriously, I am.

Ok, Ok...."I am a law-abiding citizen, for the most part!" Happy now?

Like I said, I have had my fair share of parking violations. I paid many of them. 9 out of 10 times I have. See? I am honest enough to admit this.

Some, I delayed by rightfully protesting because I felt that an incomplete ticket was unjustly placed on my vehicle and I got out of the fine because it was in violation of California Vehicle Code 40202(a) (more on this code later).

Some I delayed intentionally because I didn't have enough money to pay for the ticket that month (well...not everyone here earns $100K/year, you know!).  However, I do this only if I still feel there's a slight chance the ticket was given unjustly.  Nonetheless, you can't fault me. California Vehicle Code 40215 gives me the right to contest any parking citation within 21 days of issuance. Don't worry, I will explain this code later also. Again, some I won, some I lost. You may feel like spitting at me for delaying the payment, but you can't fault me for following the law available to all California citizens.  So, get off my case on this issue now.

I will start this blog by first listing how I got my latest round of parking citations this year, my protests, my attempts to follow up with San Francisco Department of Parking and Transportation (I shall call them DPT from hereon, short and sour), how DPT has responded, how that same city department showed its inefficiency, how its very own staff was unwilling to fully explain or owe up to it's own inefficiency, why DPT has not been following the codes all along, and, LASTLY AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, why I feel, in my personal opinion, that all San Francisco vehicle owners who have received parking citations since the first day the city began using the hand-held device have the right to file a class-action lawsuit against the city and county of San Francisco.


This blog is meant to educate you about San Francisco, SFMTA, DPT, parking rules, parking citations, etc.

By reading and using this blog, you FULLY agree and understand that this blogger does not take any responsibility for information you choose to use...particularly, if you plan on contesting your parking ticket(s).

Many of the postings in this blog are based on the blogger's own experience dealing with SFMTA, DPT, DPW, etc. and personal research. While there have been instances that the blogger had been able to get his tickets reversed, he does not, in any way, guarantee that the same arguments will work with anyone else's situation.

Your use of information in this blog is totally voluntary and at your own risk.